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Emirateslifeinsurance offers  pension plans in Dubai. Pension plans offer financial security to policyholders during their retirement days and so it is necessary to select a pension plan carefully. These plans provide you with all relevant facts and advice so that you can choose the perfect plan for your retirement needs. This plan is an individual plan that stares into your future and stability during your old age.

Pension plans offer many benefits for the insurer. In case of the death benefit the nominee gets Fund Value in a lump sum or in the form of annuity. For the payment of premiums, they are very flexible and can be paid both in single and regular premium options.

These plans are not only suitable for old age but anyone can start planning for their secure future. Minimum age entry for this plan is 18 years and maximum eligibility of age is 75 years. This plan is beneficial in generating regular retirement income from the accumulated income. You can modify your premium as per your changing requires.