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Emirateslifeinsurance offers affordable life insurance in Dubai and excellent deals on regular savings plans in Abu Dhabi. Savings plans help you save and grow your money in a right path. These plans are a category of goal-based financial solutions that offers wealth creation opportunities.

Savings and investment plans provide the assurance of lump sum funds for your family’s future expenses. These plans also assure your family a certain sum by way of an insurance cover. With Emirateslifeinsurance you will get standard life’s range of saving and investment plans, you can therefore ensure that your family always remains financially independent, even if you are not around.

Insurance saving plans can help you organise specific requirements like saving for your child’s education, marriage, settlement in life, purchase of a house, retirement and other financial goals. Savings plan, Financial plans not only provide you money growth but also provide you with financial security at various steps in your life.