Importance of Whole of Life Insurance

Have you thought what would happen if your income suddenly stopped, or was drastically reduced? It is uncomfortable to think about, but how long could you maintain your lifestyle if you were unable to work. In this case we all need protection. It is simply life insurance. It is  a protection for a better future of the family.  Protecting the future of the family should start while you’re still young and earning.  Protection may vary into two option: (a)term assurance (b)whole of life.

Whole of Life insurance is a protection with return of premiums.  It has both an insurance and an investment component for the person insured.  If something happened to the insured person the death benefit will be given.  The investment component also accumulates a cash value that the policy holder can withdraw or borrow.

Whole of life is a protection in which we can be covered for all the following benefits…….you may include critical illness, permanent total disability, hospitalization benefit, accidental death benefit, long term care benefit, family income benefit, and waiver of premium.  Certain benefits which you cannot find in the the term assurance.  In this benefits that we get in whole of life critical illness will cover you until the age of 95.  Whole of life is the right protection plan that  can help to safeguard our family’s financial future.