Types of medical examination

Types of Medical Examination

Types of Medical Examination

1. Medical examination by Doctor

2. Microscopic Urinalsis test

3. Resting and stress ECGs (12 lead ECG tracings with interpretation to be forwarded)

4. HBsAg (Hepatitis Surface Antigen)

5. HIV 1 & 2 (Elisa method)

6. Echocardiogram

7. Blood test 1 – for Blood tect 1, the following tests are required Fasting Blood Serum Cholestrol(with reflex to Triglycerides, HDL and LDL Cholestrol if initial FBSC measurement is greater then 200mg) Fasting Blood Sugar(with refles to HbA1c if initial FBS (Measurement is greater than 110mg/dl)

8. Blood test 2 – For Blood test @, the following tests are required CBC, AST, ALT, GGT, BUN, Serum Creatinine

9. Glucose tolerance test(GTT)

10. Pulmonary Function (Spirometry)tests

11. Kidney function test(only BUN & Serum Creatine)

12. Chest X-ray