Unit Linked Plans

Unit Linked Insurance Plan

Unit Linked Plans

Emirateslifeinsurance understands your financial goals and tailor make the right product with right pricing. We provide best deals on life insurance, term life insurance, unit linked plans in Dubai. Unit linked plans preserve your investment from market fluctuations.

Unit linked plan offers payment of Fund Value at the end of the policy term, based on highest Net Asset Value (NAV) over the first 100 months of the policy, or the NAV as applicable on the date of maturity, whichever is higher.

Main benefits in relation to Unit linked plan:

Advanced fund value on maturity.
Constricted premium paying term is five years.
No boundary on single premium investment.
Partial removal allowed after lock in the period, twice a year.
8 to 65 years is an entry age limit.
Insurance security.
Easy fluidity through partial withdrawals.

Unit linked plans offer various benefits. During the policy term if the death of the life assured occurs, the basic sum assured will be payable irrespective of the survival benefits that are already paid. In addition to the basic sum assured, guaranteed, and loyalty additions are also given.